1. Angie Stage
    Angie Stage
    Great Whites
  2. Stephanie Sweet
    Stephanie Sweet
    Hammerheads Leopard Sharks Great Whites
  3. Katie Munn
    Katie Munn
    Hammerheads Leopard Sharks Thresher Sharks
  4. Brittany Shaver
    Brittany Shaver
    Shark Bites Tiger Sharks Mini Makos
  5. Jennifer Wall
    Jennifer Wall
    Co-owner Angel Sharks
  6. Tanya Bowles
    Tanya Bowles
  7. Taylor Mathis
    Taylor Mathis
    Shark Bites Tiger Sharks Mini Makos
  8. Jerrica Scott
    Jerrica Scott
    Thresher Sharks
Meet The Staff
2017-2018 Teams (All ages listed are as of 08/31)

Tiny Prep Team (Shark Bites): Ages 3-5
Tiny Team (Tiger Sharks): Ages 5-6
Mini Team (Mako Sharks): Ages 6-8
Youth Team: Ages 6-11
Junior Teams (Hammerheads & Leopard Sharks): Ages 8-14
Senior Team (Great White Sharks): Ages 11-18
Special Needs Team (Angel Sharks): All ages
Prep Team (Thresher Sharks): Ages 7-14